Our dog accommodations include comfortable areas for small breeds and spacious kennels for our larger guests. Each dog will have access to a well-maintained sleeping, and elimination areas.

Our charges work just like a motel. You are always charged for the day you come in…no matter what time it is. If a guest checks out before 10:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday, there will be no charge for that day’s lodging. Be sure to ask about our discounts for multiple pets sharing the same accommodations.

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Deluxe XL Combo Run $105/Day

(Second dog stays for no extra charge)
Perfect for a high energy dog, our deluxe combo kennel feature an extra spacious 10x12ft interior with 10 hour a day access to a 10x30 private play-yard complete with patio and grassy area. In the warmer months each deluxe suite gets its own splash pool as well.


All of our standard kennel runs offer open chain-link sides so your pets can interact with the world around them. Included in your pet’s standard accommodation is a daily 20-30 minute outdoor, off leash play time in one of our secure play yards. Have an active dog? You can add any of our activities packages to a standard kennel, or consider upgrading to one of our deluxe Indoor/Outdoor kennels.

Outdoor $36/Day

Our outdoor kennel areas are completely covered and features an attached private dog house with raised cot. One section is geared for quiet dogs or dogs that need a little bit of privacy with a half high concrete wall between the runs with chain-link on top. The other section has floor to ceiling chain-link for dogs who like to keep tabs on everything. A daily 20-30 minute play yard session is included.

Indoor $45/Day

Indoor kennel runs are housed in 3 different buildings across the property and each area caters to different personality types and sizes of dogs. We have an area dedicated to small dogs, an area specifically for medium to large dogs, and the party house for larger dogs with lots of energy. A daily 20-30 minute play yard session is included.

XL Indoor $52/Day

Perfect for extra large, or high energy dogs, our XL Indoor kennel features an extra spacious 10x12ft interior with raised bed. A daily 20-30 minute play yard session is included.


We recognize the different needs of our feline guests and have specifically designed individual accommodations to make your cat’s stay as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Kitty City is a quiet area above our office away from any dogs. We have 3 specially designed accommodations to cater to all feline personality types. Each accommodation includes a large litter box and comfy cat lodging area with sleeping beds.

Medium Loft $22/Day

A cozy 2 story accommodation with litterbox and feeding space on the lower level and a sleeping loft up top.

Large Condo $25/Day

A 3 story space with litterbox on the lower level, feeding area in the middle, and sleep quarters up top.

Townhouse $30/Day

The townhouses feature an extra large floorplan with plenty of areas for your cat to play and unwind during his/her stay with us. Each townhouse offers its own unique set of ramps, cubbies, and most have a window view! Feline guests can enjoy bird watching or relaxing while enjoying a view of our facility.


Making a Reservation

We are now using a system called PawPartner to handle all our boarding reservations. PawPartner is a Smart Phone App and Website Based platform that allows YOU to schedule boarding appointments and check the status of vaccination records on file.

For grooming appointments we ask that you still call the office to schedule.