Centennial Kennels - West Coast Premier Pet Care Facility

CHARGES - Our charges work just like a motel. You are ALWAYS charged for the day you come in....no matter what time it is. On the day of check out, if you check out by 10:00 am, Mon - Sat, there is no charge for boarding that day. We are closed Sunday mornings, so you are always charged for Sunday.

We require a $50.00 deposit that can be applied to your balance at check out. If you need to cancel for any reason, just give us 72 hours or 3 days notice prior to the check in date, and the deposit can be fully refunded back to you.

GROOMING - If your dog is groomed the SAME DAY as they are picked up, there will be an $15.00 discount off of boarding for that day. If they are groomed the day before then regular boarding charges apply for both days.

Messages sent using this form are not considered private. Please contact our office by telephone if sending highly confidential or private information.

Please read our new boarding polices by clicking here!


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