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Centennial Kennels Boarding

You can rest easy when you’re out of town! Centennial Kennels special pet boarding program pampers your pet while providing a safe and loving environment.

Our staff has been certified by the American Boarding Kennel Association to better provide your pet with a clean, healthy, loving visit.

For dogs boarding with us we have a variety of run sizes from
4 x 10 to 5 x 15 depending on the size of your dog.  All outdoor runs are completely covered with heated dog houses attached.  Over half of our runs are indoors and heated to room temperature.  We use cedar shavings over cement floors to keep your pet clean and dry.

For cats boarding with us we provide 3 choices of custom made homes (small, medium and large). Small has only 1 level, medium has 2 levels, and large has 3 levels.

Feel free to bring bedding and/or favorite toys to make your pet(s) feel more at home.  We also have bedding for rent.

Our facility provides Diamond brand Lamb & Rice dry dog food with "doggie gravy", and we use Nutro brand dry cat food.  You can bring your own food for your pet(s) if you prefer, or if your pet(s) have special dietary needs.

An individual play yard is included for all dogs boarding with us, with a number of other exercise options available at a slight extra cost.  The pet(s) love the extra attention and exercise this provides.

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